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Experiences in Las Vegas

Layer the Drama

Plot twists. Chance encounters. Special arrangements. Simply put, our guests enjoy a flair for the dramatic with engagements that thrive in-the-moment and linger much longer in highlight reels. Activate your stay with exclusive tastings, crafted culinary affairs, curated local partnerships, and room packages that travel the spectrum of expected to extravagant. Do tell—what piques your interest?

A woman wine tasting

Wine Tasting

Swirling, seducing, and satisfying is most definitely on the menu. Our sommeliers won’t miss a moment to introduce your palate to full-bodied reds, crisp, floral whites alike that line our menus. Consider it a symphony for the senses.

liquor in a glass with cigar on top

Cigar Dinners

Who said the table needed to be cleared before you could reach for the matches? Our culinary connoisseurs know a thing or two about perfect pairings, and will be eager to guide your palate through the smoke and mirrors of the cigar world between each moment of indulgence.

glasses with orange liquid and orange slices next to it

Tequila Tasting

Shake off those old memories, connotations, and connections, sip by sweet sip, as you cozy up to your newest companion in celebration: blanco and reposado to añejo, extra añejo, cristalino, gold, and we’re just getting started.