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The Lexi Las Vegas FAQs

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From check-in and check-out times to dining details and beyond, this is everything you’ve ever wanted to know about The Lexi Las Vegas—all in one place.

What time is check-in?

Standard check-in time is 4:00 p.m. Guests requesting an early check-in must contact the front desk for availability and approval. An early arrival fee of $35 is applicable for check-ins prior to 12:00 p.m.

What time is check-out?

Standard check-out time is 11:00 a.m. Guests requesting a late check-out must contact the front desk for availability and approval. A late departure fee of that day's half-rate is applicable if the guest would like to stay until 4:00 p.m.

Note: late departures may not be available on high-occupancy days.

Does the hotel have age requirements?

Yes, The Lexi is a 21 and over establishment. All guests and visitors will be requested to show ID upon entry.

Can guests consume cannabis on property?

Only those staying in designated guest rooms on the fourth floor. These accommodations are outfitted with state-of-the-art RestorAir filtration system in each room, which employs Advanced Oxidation Cell (AOC) technology. The Lexi operates in accordance with all local and state laws.

Does the hotel offer transportation?

As of now, The Lexi does not offer transportation shuttles.

Does the hotel offer internet access?

Yes, lodging rates include complimentary wireless high-speed internet access. Open signal Wi-Fi is available to all hotel guests in public areas, such as the lobby, restaurants, bar, and pool areas.

Does the hotel allow pets?

Yes, the hotel welcomes dogs up to 60 pounds with a maximum of two dogs per guest room, provided the guidelines below are adhered to. Please note, room type and location may be restricted to certain areas of the hotel.

  • A non-refundable dog fee of $50, per pet, plus tax per night applies for all dogs and will be added to the bill. In the event that extra servicing to the suite is required upon checkout, additional charges may apply.
  • With the exception of service animals, dogs are not permitted in the food and beverage outlets or pool areas.
  • Dogs must be kept in a kennel at all times when guests are away from their suite. Dogs must not be left unattended in the room for extended periods of time. If a dog is disturbing other guests/staff or causing damage, then it cannot be left alone and must remain in the guest’s control. Our housekeepers will not provide daily service where a dog is left unsupervised.
  • No barking or off-leash activity is permitted while outdoors on hotel property. All dogs must be carried, caged, or restrained on a leash. Please do not loiter in any public building area (for example, the lobby or conference center) where other guests might experience allergies to certain dogs.
  • We count on each guest to prevent their dog from making excessive noise, being disruptive, or aggressive to other guests. If a dog is deemed dangerous, harmful or disruptive, hotel management has sole discretion to require the guest to find other accommodations. The hotel also reserves the right to contact animal control to have a dog removed.
  • Guests must clean up after their dog.

Dogs should not be left unattended in vehicles. Leaving a dog unattended in a standing or parked motor vehicle during extreme heat, cold, or in any other manner that endangers the animal’s health or safety is against the law in the State of Nevada. A hot summer day in Las Vegas may result in serious injury or death to your dog.

Please note, no cats are allowed.

What is the charge to use the Health & Fitness Center?

Registered guests staying at The Lexi have complimentary access to the Health & Fitness Center, which is open seven days a week from 6:00am to 10:00pm.

Does the hotel have a lodging tax?

Yes, the lodging tax is 13.38%.

Does the hotel have a Resort Fee?

Yes, the Resort Fee is $35 per night, plus lodging tax.

Does the hotel charge a fee for third and fourth guests per room?

Yes, an additional $10 per person for either a third or fourth person in a room will be added to the bill, along with tax. Please note, there is a maximum of two people per one-bedded room or four people per two-bedded room. The hotel does not have rollaway bedding.

Does the hotel accept packages?

Yes. Please be advised that there is a handling fee for each incoming or outgoing package as described below.

Fee Weight
$9 Boxes less than 15 pounds
$14 Boxes between 15.1 and 30 pounds
$20 Boxes 30.1 pounds to 50 pounds
$30 Boxes 50.1 pounds to 75 pounds
$50 Boxes or cases 75.1 to 100 pounds
$75 Boxes or crates 101 to 125 pounds
$150 Skids or pallets (up to 400 pounds)
$0.75 per pound Skids or pallets (400.1 pounds and more)

A service charge of 23% will be applied to the handling and delivery fee. Please address all packages to the person that will be picking them up.

What type of parking arrangements does The Lexi offer?

The Lexi offers valet parking only, which is included in the daily resort fee. Visiting Nevada residents will pay $5, while visiting out-of-state guests will pay $15.

What security deposit is required?

The security deposit is $100 per stay, per room, which will need to be held on a debit or credit card. Speciality room deposits may be higher.

What type of amenities are included in your rooms?

Amenities include an in-room safe, mini fridge, hair dryer, iron, and ironing board.

How do I add an additional guest to my reservation?

Please contact our Room Reservations team prior to arrival at (702) 214-4000. On-property guests will need to visit the Front Desk.

How can I arrange an amenity for a special occasion?

Please contact the Front Desk directly at (702) 214-4000.

Is room service available?

The hotel does not have room service; however, guests may order items from the restaurant and pick them up from the hostess stand.

Does the hotel allow tobacco?

The Lexi is a non-smoking facility; however, we do have designated areas outdoors.

What types of ID are accepted?

U.S. state-issued identification cards, Mexican Matricula identification cards, U.S. or foreign passports, Tribal identification cards (if anti-counterfeiting mechanisms are in place); U.S.-issued Permanent Resident identification cards (also known as green card or alien identification cards), or U.S. Military identification.

What method of payments are accepted?

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. We do not accept cash upon check-in.

Are there any pool deck restrictions to know about?

Yes, no glass or outside food and beverage is allowed on the pool deck. Exceptions include coffee in a disposable paper cup or empty water containers.

Are commercial filming or photography permitted on the property?

Unauthorized commercial filming or photography is strictly prohibited without prior permission from property management. Federal law requires a permit for all commercial filming, no matter the size of the crew or the type of equipment. This includes individuals or small groups that don’t use much equipment, but generate revenue by posting footage on websites, such as Instagram, YouTube and TikTok.