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Meeting Rooms in Las Vegas

Ever The Host

Private dinners, intimate socials, and business-meets-pleasure happenings: this is The Lexi in her element. Consider the hotel's Garden Lounge, where private parties elope through a veil of green foliage to a stylish members-only space for catered events and discreet celebrations. Then again, perhaps the occasion calls for a corner cabana, or VIP bottle service in the lounge, or big-game TV viewing from the bar, or—why not?—a boutique property buyout. However intimate or extra, expect a level of service and creativity that stays personable, attentive, and one step ahead of the guest list.

All The Size You Could Ever Want

Venue Elevations Lounge The Lexi Bar Study Garden Restaurant Patio The Lexi Euro Pool
Square Footage 563 580 645 2,268 1,033 966 3,956

Meet Our Spaces

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The Lexi Bar

2100 sq. ft.

Prepare to have your senses tantalized by our creative libation masters at The Lexi Bar. Immerse yourself in the allure of Vegas and let the sultry ambiance and curated playlists aid you in escaping the ordinary. Whether you cozy up to the bar or unwind in the lounge, you’ll have a front-row seat to The Lexi’s social scene. Don’t forget to satisfy your cravings along the way sampling the tasty treats and culinary surprises.

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Members Only Lounge

583 sq. ft.

Elevate your experience to truly exclusive levels, as you step foot into The Members Only Lounge. Reserved for our most distinguished guests, the sophisticated atmosphere gives way to hours of conversation, connection, and uninhibited celebration.

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The Lexi Euro Pool

3,956 sq. ft.

On the hunt for the ultimate oasis? Submerge yourself in our exotic Lexi Euro Pool, where the Las Vegas sun kisses your skin with a sinful warmth. Whether you give into the temptation of a private cabana or find yourself amidst Lexi Euro Pool parties summoning the spirit of Ibiza beach club occasions, you should definitely come well prepared to make a wave or two.

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The Garden

2,268 sq. ft.

Steal a moment of respite away from the pulsating presence of the Strip by indulging in a seductive-meets-secluded garden oasis. From al fresco dining and drinking to entertaining some friendly competition, this space is prepared to fit up to 100 of your closest friends and colleagues in search of unforgettable affairs.

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The Sanctuary

645 Sq. Ft.

Welcome to the ultimate sanctuary for sensuous rendezvous with up to 25 of your closest companions. Step inside, give into the allure of our urban haven and witness private feasts, low-key team meetings, and tantalizing retreats all find their distinctive form here.

What’s More…

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